May 31, 2017

10 Best Herbs And Spices For A Healthy Body

Most of us have herbs and spices sitting in our kitchen cabinet and we use them in a lot of recipes and to garnish our food. But, what people fail to realise is that these herbs and spices are high in disease fighting nutrients.

Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices to Your Body

Herbs and spices act as healing foods and they cut down the addition of less healthy components like sugar, salt and fat. Addition of herbs and spices not only imparts an aroma and flavour to the dish, which makes it tastier, but cuts down on the calories and fat.

Best Herb and Spices for A Healthy Body

1. Basil

Basil can be added to everything. Basil is a versatile herb, which can be used fresh or dried.

Basil is known to cure digestive disorders. It has various anti-inflammatory, anti- viral and anti-cancer properties. Basil also helps to reduce stress by inhibiting cortisol in the body and also helps prevent arthritis. Sprinkle basil on omelettes, soups, baked or grilled vegetables or fresh salad for great benefits.

2. Oregano

Oregano has large amounts of antioxidants, compared to any other dried herb and it can be added to any preparation. It is rich in nutrients like manganese, iron, vitamin K, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids, which helps in the reduction of cholesterol, acne and dandruff.

It is also used to treat respiratory tract and gastrointestinal disorders. Oregano is known to have anti-microbial properties and can be used to treat colds, coughs, pain and body ache and illness. Sprinkle oregano on soups and salads to ward off diseases.

3. Parsley

Parsley is a small Mediterranean herb generally used for garnishing. It adds colour to your dish, and has a lot of health benefits. Parsley also has high amounts of flavonoids, which help to lower your cancer risk.

The essential oils boost your immunity and helps keep your heart healthy as it has  a considerable amount of vitamin A and C. Add a dash of freshly chopped parsley to your food or a teaspoon of the dried herb.

4. Ginger

Ginger has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries and it cures everything from migraines to cancer. Ginger is rich in gingerols, which due to its inflammation fighting ability cures colds, pain from arthritis, fights cancer cells and soothes the stomach. Ginger also helps fight nausea and morning sickness. Ginger livens up curries, marinades and sauces.

5. Garlic

This humble bulb is easily available and goes well with any preparation and can be eaten raw too. Garlic contains a sulphuric compound called allicin that fights fungal and bacterial infections. Garlic regulates blood sugar and fights multiple types of cancer. Cardiovascular diseases can also be avoided be eating garlic. Fresh cloves are the best but powdered garlic also provides excellent flavour with great benefits.

6. Cinnamon

The cinnamon twig is known to have some anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. It is used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders including diarrhea and indigestion. Cinnamon is high in anti-oxidants and helps maintain blood sugar. It helps in reducing cholesterol levels in type 2 diabetics and also eliminate headaches. Cinnamon can be a great addition to desserts, curry powder and savoury foods.

7. Mint

Mint is a classic herb with a blend of freshness and great flavour. Mint is a great source of dietary fiber, iron, manganese, Vitamin C and B. Mint is also a detoxifying agent that cleanses blood and is used to maintain oral health too. Mint reduces stress and relives us from headaches. It also enhances digestive functions and nourishes the skin. So beat the heat with mint.

8. Coriander

The aroma and flavour of coriander helps it gain a very useful place in the kitchen. Coriander is a great source of iron, magnesium and vitamins like A, B and C. It helps cure ailments like anemia, strengthens bones and improves nerve function. Coriander also has dermatological benefits and works wonders for over weight people and diabetics. Fresh coriander leaves can be used for garnishing or coriander seeds can be used for cooking.

9. Rosemary

Rosemary is a healing herb, which possesses properties used to help alleviate muscle pain, boosts the immune system and circulatory systems and promotes health growth. Rosemary contains an ingredient, carnosic acid, which may improve digestion, memory and concentration and prevent neurological disorders. Rosemary is typically used as a dried whole herb or in a powdered form in food. Tea and liquid extracts are also available.

10. Cumin

Cumin is used for flavouring dishes and has a strong and soothing aroma. Cumin is a great source of fibre, iron, calcium, vitamin E and B and essential oils.

Cumin helps in the secretion of digestive enzymes and reduces gas formation. Cumin can prevent and cure anemia, helps to keep your skin young and healthy and boosts memory power. Cumin seeds or powder can be a wonderful addition to soups, stir-fry veggies or curries.



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