May 22, 2017

Fitness Myths

Are you falling for the same fitness myths as everyone else? Here are the fitness myths you need to forget you’ve ever heard.

Women Shouldn’t Lift Weights Because They’ll Bulk Up

This is a very real fear for most women. They fear that lifting weights will bulk them up and make them look manly. These fears are unfounded.

Women lack comparable amounts of the important muscle building hormone – testosterone. Because of this, it makes it more difficult to put on muscle. The pictures you see of women that are starting to take on the characteristics of men are usually on hormones. For the average female, lifting weights does a body good.

You Burn the Most Fat in the Fat Burning Zone

This fitness myth is finally dying a slow death. There was always so much confusion with this because you do in fact burn more fat in the fat burning zone. However, this is only one piece of the puzzle. You burn a higher percentage of fat in the fat burning zone, but that’s not what determines weight loss – total calories burned does.

Take a look at the following chart. You will see that during exercise it is possible to burn a higher percentage of calories from fat in the fat burning zone, but actually burn less total fat. Focus more on total calories burned.

The Fat Burning Zone Myth

You Can Target Fat Loss

I see workouts posted all over the internet for firmer arms or for a toned butt. Six pack abs workouts are everywhere. Unfortunately, you cannot target fat loss. Fatty acid mobilization is systemic – not localized.

This means that as soon as you start working out a muscle, any muscle, your body sends out fat mobilizing hormones that are dispersed throughout your entire body. In just a couple of heart beats fat is pulled from all over your body to fuel that particular activity.

You don’t get to choose where the fat goes on, why do you think you get to choose where it comes off?

Losing Weight is a Physical Challenge

Of course losing weight is a physical challenge. You bust your butt in the gym several times a week. It’s not easy. However, the hardest aspect of losing weight is the mental part.

The real challenge lies in the mental challenges. Do you give in to that pizza? Do you eat those donuts someone brought into the office? Do you skip lunch with your coworkers at the risk of being a social outcast? What’s one day of missing the gym really going to do to you?

These are the real challenges of losing weight. The mind has a powerful influence over the body. If you take control of your mind, the weight loss will follow.

Products/Supplements Can Help You Lose Weight Fast or Easily

Run far and fast from any fitness claims that you can lose weight fast or easily. There is nothing fast or easy about losing weight. It will be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do in your life.

Be careful of the claims made on fitness products. Do they seem realistic? Are the claims funded by the company that produces the product? Getting fit is not as easy as swallowing a pill or purchasing equipment. You have to work for it – work hard.


You Burn the Most Calories During Your Workout

You might burn 200-500 calories or so during your workout, but you burn thousands, yes thousands of calories the rest of the day. Stop worrying about the amount of fat you’re burning during your workout, and instead focus on having the best workout you can.

Use your workouts to build that valuable muscle that will in turn continue burning fat for you at all hours of the day – even in your sleep. If you aren’t strength training yet, you should be.

You Need to do Cardio If You Want to Lose Fat

Are you one of those people who is slaving away on the cardio equipment trying to lose weight? If you are, you might want to reassess your fitness program. Don’t get me wrong, cardio is a great addition to a well rounded fitness program; however, it’s not necessary to lose weight. It is a tool to create a calorie deficit.

Your heart does not know the difference between the treadmill or weight training. It only knows perceived stress. In essence, any workout can be considered cardio, it’s just a matter of how hard you push yourself. The key components to effective fat loss are strength training, a great diet, and a calorie deficit.


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