February 9, 2017


People focus a lot on breakthroughs being the major driver of progress. Weight loss tends to be the side effect of these breakthroughs.

So where do they come from and how can you experience these breakthroughs yourself?

Breakthroughs Are Born From Struggles

Breakthroughs aren’t handed to you. You have to work for them. And you do that by taking your struggles head on.

It’s the persistence through your struggles that create breakthrough moments. That’s when change happens. That’s when transformation happens.

Time and time again the struggles and breakthroughs are one in the same. The struggle forced people to become more aware of a problem. That added awareness and then persistence through the struggle is what created a breakthrough moment for them.

Now people can take what they learned and apply it to their life going forward. The best part is they become more confident that they can handle anything that life throws at them and they start viewing struggles as signs that they’re on the right track.

Seek Out the Struggle

People start seeking out the struggle because they know a breakthrough is right in front of them. Find it. Persist through it. Experience a breakthrough. Apply it.

Rinse and repeat tens of times and you’ll be a changed person for life.

Yet many people will still give up at the first signs of a struggle. They think losing weight and changing their lifestyle should be easy.

It’s not! Trust me.

Those dramatic transformations you see? I guarantee you they’ve thought about quitting – a lot. It was hard. They struggled.

But they persisted and broke through. The biggest drivers of their success were born from those struggles.

I think you have it in you to persist too. But you have to start expecting welcoming the struggle into your life so that you can experience this transformation.

Don’t be afraid to fail. You only fail if you give up.

Do Your Best With What’s In Front Of You

There is always something you can do to be healthier and happier, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your life. You owe this to yourself.

Your life is never going to be perfect. Things are always going to be busy. When a hard time during your life passes there will be 3 more hard times to take its place.

If you keep hitting “pause” on your lifestyle change you will never experience the change you want. Don’t try to be perfect. Don’t wait for perfect circumstances.

Both are unrealistic…

Instead, do what you can with what you have under the circumstances you’re in.

That’s all you can ask of yourself. And that’s usually enough to get results. At the very least it’s better than the alternative.

Find the struggle. Persist through the struggle. Have your breakthrough.

Change is in front of you.




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