May 8, 2017

Stop Trying To Force Your Weight Loss

We’ve seen it too many times – people trying to strong-arm their weight loss and force the number on the scale down. It becomes an obsession and a constant losing battle.

So much time and energy are directed towards influencing the results that people forget weight loss is just a side effect of being consistently and fully engaged with the process for an extended period of time.

The best part is the process is actually in your control. The process is simply the behaviors that make you who you are today. Change those behaviors and you change your self.

Process vs Outcome

To successfully lose weight, and more importantly keep it off forever, you need to focus on the process, not the outcome.

Process = the root cause of the problem, typically behaviors, and is in your control

Outcome = the side effect of your behaviors and can’t be directly controlled.

In other words, you don’t set a goal to lose 20lbs (the outcome). You set a goal to strength train twice a week (the process).

When you want to lose weight you don’t just “jump to the end”. You influence the outcome by focusing on particular behaviors that give us the side effect we want.

For example, if you’re trying to eat less you might decide to add a serving of veggies to a couple of your meals. This behavior is in your control.

Veggies add volume to your meals, which displaces other higher calorie foods, and helps you reach satisfaction and fullness on fewer calories. This new behavior gives us the outcome we want, but we get it by focusing on the process.

You are the Sum of Your Behaviors

The person you are right now is just a side effect of the way you think and act. These physical and mental habits can be changed. And when you change those behaviors you change who you are both on the inside and out.

So what you need to be focusing on isn’t calories or pounds or meal timing or what cardio is best. You need to pinpoint the destructive thought patterns and behaviors that are creating the current lifestyle you aren’t satisfied with and replace them with new habits that naturally create the outcome you want.

Let that number on the scale go. It doesn’t matter how much you want it to go down, it’s not going anywhere until you do the hard work, get fully engaged with the process, and start changing your habits.

It’s a great feeling when you experience that breakthrough moment. Your lifestyle becomes your own and you’re empowered to finally end your constant weight loss struggle.



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